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Better Sleep = Better Health Part 2

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Last week we shared some really good tips to help improve our sleep. As a follow up to last weeks sleep routine tips, here are some nutritional supplements that will enhance those routines:

Foods to support your best night of sleep:

  • Cherries (1 cup raw - 3g of melatonin) and pistachios (1/4 cup unshelled - 6g of melatonin) for melatonin - to ease your body quickly into a restful sleep.
  • Cottage cheese (1/2 cup) - containing slow digesting casein protein, a small bowl of cottage cheese can help prevent waking up from hunger and fuel the muscle recovery your body does in the middle of the night during sleep.

Evening drinks instead of sleep inducing meds like NyQuil or Benadryl:

  • Inositol: Inositol is a sugar which is naturally produced in the body. It supports major transmitters in the body and stimulates serotonin, which is linked to produce enough melatonin to help you fall and stay asleep. If you’re looking to supplement try 1-2g at night and see how you feel.
  • Adding powdered Inositol to tea or taking it in capsule form is the most efficient way to consume this nutrient. It can also be found in melon, citrus, and high-fiber foods like nuts, grains, and legumes. Often these foods provide a nice dose of inositol, however limited research is done using whole foods in comparison to the already converted and easily digestible myo-inostitol.
  • Valerian root tea: most strongly associated with calming the nervous system and relaxing the body.
  • Lemon balm: specifically researched to aid in sleep for menopausal women, lemon balm is also supportive in minimizing frequent wake ups in the night for anyone who struggles with restless sleep.
  • Passionflower and Skullcap: Herbal supplements which have medicinal effect of relaxing the body especially for those who slowly digest foods.

Nighty Night Tea bags from Traditional Medicinals have a little bit of all three to help you relax and have a good night’s rest.

Supplements that are also found to aid in falling and staying asleep:

L-Theanine: also found in green tea and some mushrooms

Magnesium: also found in pumpkin seeds and dark leafy greens

Zinc: also found in chicken thighs and whole grains

Vitamin D: also found in salmon and mushrooms

*Please do not start a new supplement routine without speaking with your doctor beforehand. Also of note,

Lastly, Melatonin is a pivotal hormone produced in the body which allows our body to quickly fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. While you can pop a melatonin gummy before bed in a pinch, melatonin can also be readily produced in the body naturally. Through the body systems, melatonin is activated for conversion in the body by evening when our eyes begin to be exposed to lower levels of light. Your body turns the serotonin in your body into the melatonin which will help you fall asleep, some of the best ways to produce more serotonin in your day is laughter, connecting with loved ones, self care, and EXERCISE!

Sleep well!

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