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Reduce Stress with These Plants

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It’s hard to believe that we are already in November and Thanksgiving planning is just around the corner. Today I will be sharing with you some delicious and health promoting fall/Thanksgiving recipes that you can incorporate into everyday or holiday meal times for a flavorful and nootropic rich dishes.

But first, let’s talk about the all-star of the day… Nootropics! Let’s also dive into their health benefits and how to incorporate these plants into your healthy lifestyle.

What are Nootropics: Nootropics are a compound found in many common foods, often they are found most concentrated in herbs and spices. There are thousands of nootropic compounds, and most you will get through the foods you consume on a day-to-day basis. Some of the most popular nootropics you may recognize from the media include ashwagandha, CBD (cannabidoil), Ginko Biloba, Ginseng, Maca, Tumeric, and the list goes on. We will be focusing on four herbs/spices today with nootropic benefits that you might already have in your spice cabinet, Thyme, Ginger, Sage, and Cylon Cinnamon.

Health Benefits of Nootropics: Nootropics have been used as medicine for thousands of years, it is just now that research studies are being conducted on these plants and tangible results for health outcomes are being established. They have shown an ability to lower anxiety and improve social cognition, increased learning rates, the processing of written and verbalized concepts, memory, digestion, heart health and blood glucose control.

How to Incorporate Nootropics into Your Diet: Plants containing nootropics can be consumed in many ways from powders to teas to flavoring your favorite recipes. The decision on how to consume them is determined by your personal preference, if you like the flavor of the plants, and if their benefits might benefit you. Remember you can always start small, consuming less than studies have used on their participants can still induce improved health outcome. So season and sip to your taste and your body will thank you.

Always remember that if you are about to incorporate herbal supplements in high concentrations to consult a healthcare provider to assess if they are appropriate for you to begin adding to your routine.

I am so grateful for you all!

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